African International Christian Ministry

African International Christian Ministry, or AICM, is a Ugandan non-governmental organisation run by Ugandan Christians for the benefit of other Africans. It was founded in 1983 and is driven by the Christian belief that all people – regardless of race, beliefs or background – can work together to create a better future. AICM’s projects are delivered in the area of southwest Uganda around Kabale.

AICM’s work is guided by a set of objectives. It aims to promote literacy among rural communities, to enhance employment prospects. It works with communities to encourage participation in sustainable development projects and build the skills needed to be self-reliant. It advocates and lobbies for the rights of disadvantaged communities, including access to basic amenities like health care and education. And it trains Christian leaders. All projects seek to achieve ‘self-sufficiency through self-help’.

In particular, AICM focuses on fighting poverty through a range of projects, including a vocational training college, established in 1990. The college focuses on addressing the issue of high unemployment in Uganda by providing students with practical and entrepreneurial skills so that they can become job creators rather than job seekers. Other projects include the creation of Community Development Group Associations, to provide support for income-generating projects, and the provision of community health.

AICM has been working with the Batwa since 1993, supporting them with the purchase of land, providing schools, teaching essential skills such as house building and food production, building community halls and latrines, and aiding the integration with neighboring communities. AICM is also helping with advocacy to improve their human rights status.