Pilot Light Foundation

Pilot Light Foundation grew out of a belief that individuals supporting themselves can create sustainable and thriving communities. Pilot Light supports income-generating projects in Africa, with a focus on working with local people to develop knowledge and skills in farming, business, and savings and loans. Not only that; Pilot Light also works to build the resilience and self-confidence of the communities it works with. It provides the tools to help people create their own practical solutions.

Pilot Light is involved in a broad range of projects in Uganda and Rwanda, with many focusing on building agricultural opportunities. Examples include cooperatives in the farming of coffee, pigs and rabbits, rice and honey, along with a dedicated women’s vegetable farming cooperative. Other projects have focused on delivering vocational training and family support.

To deliver these projects, Pilot Light works with multiple partners established in the region. They have formed relationships with organisations including Children of Peace, Uganda; the African International Christian Ministry; Mother and Child Development Center; The Literacy Action and Development Agency; Action For Rural Women’s Empowerment; and Youth with Physical Disability Development Forum. Working with local partners has put Pilot Light in a unique position. By building relationships with partners, Pilot Light can also build personal relationships directly with the people benefiting from the projects. They learn about specific issues facing the individuals they are supporting and use this knowledge to develop their understanding.

Pilot Light is a non-profit organization established and based in the United States. It was founded by Carol Levy, who was a national board member for the US Fund for UNICEF for 4 years and was one of the founding board members, serving 17 years on the US Fund’s Southern California Regional chapter. She believes in bringing a human touch to the projects she develops and is driven by the Pilot Light motto: that, with some encouragement, a small spark can grow into a much larger fire.