The Batwa provide a unique travel experience by drawing on the Batwa cultural history and traditions. Their talent in music, dance, drama, storytelling and crafting provide visitors with an enriching view into what is to most a completely new world. Each of the Batwa groups coordinates attractions to provide independent and equally fulfilling insights into their lifestyle.


  • Mountain climbing
  • Bird and baboon watching
  • Calming winds from the forest side to Lake Bunyonyi
  • Boat/canoe ridding on Lake Bunyonyi
  • Views of the Kanyamaguru caverns and Echuya forest in Karengyere
  • Enjoy Batwa trail experience through the Bamboo Echuya forest alongside Kabale-Kisoro road
  • Tales from the elderly Batwa who’ve long lived in the forests
  • Traditional and modern entertainment, including music, dance, drama and cultural restoration
  • Unique Batwa lodging and hospitality
  • Traditional hand craft materials at affordable prices


  • Views of the Echuya forest
  • Batwa trail experience and mountain climbing through Echuya forests and landscapes
  • Native bird and animal watching
  • Amusing stories from old people who lived and stayed in the forest and are good at narrating the forest life.
  • The Twa language that uniquely thrives where the Batwa speak mixed language
  • Well-organized performances, including traditional and modern music, dance and theater.


  • Gorgeous views of Lake Bunyonyi
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity for boating and canoeing across the lake
  • A well established Kyevu weekly market that eases on the accessibility of consumer goods and services
  • Traditional and modern entertainment using traditional regalia’s like bows and arrows
  • Entertaining folk songs composed in both Twa and Kinyarwanda languages
  • Handmade crafts given derived from resources of wetlands and Lake Bunyonyi
  • Traditional tools, weapons and regalia that were used for fighting while in the forests


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