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Batwa Experience

Murubindi Batwa drama group is one of the best entertaining Batwa drama groups. They are organized and are well trained in different styles of dancing that is; modern and traditional cultural dances. The drama members are so talented in dancing that you should not miss enjoying their amusing entertainments. #planYourVisitToTheBatwa

As a result of their best dancing skills, the group is always hired to perform on different occasions/functions. The drama group’s members are always there to welcome and entertain visitors. Do not miss the opportunity to come and enjoy the best entertainment from the well organized and trained Batwa drama groups who are always there and ready to show off their different dancing styles and skills.

The Batwa in all the three centers of Rwamahano, Murubindi, and Murambo in Rubanda and Kabale District are talented in handcraft making. Murambo Batwa center being located near a swamp, they easily access handcraft materials to make different kinds of handcrafts like; baskets, mats, fishing nets. The Batwa are so innovative that they make different things from banana fibers, wood, papyrus and other materials from the swamp. The hand craft products done by the Batwa are available in all their centers at a negotiable and fair price.


Figure 2 some of the handcraft products made in Murambo Batwa Center being displayed for a visitor

Murambo Batwa Center is located near Lake Bunyonyi .This gives the Batwa an opportunity to carry out fishing. They are naturally creative and innovative that they do fishing using the fishing baskets they make themselves out of papyrus.

These baskets can as well work as bulb holders thus being marketable to visitors. Most Batwa men engage in making fishing baskets as well as fishing for purposes of income generation to cater for their families. These baskets are very good and helpful; they can be got from all Batwa centers and are available at an affordable price.


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