We work with a range of partners, in the US and in Uganda itself, to deliver our projects. This approach gives us real knowledge about what the Batwa want, and how we can work with them so that they are equipped to support themselves. Find our more about our partners here.

Friends of AICM

African International Christian Ministry, or AICM, is a Ugandan non-governmental organisation run by Ugandan Christians for the benefit of other Africans. It was founded in 1983 and is driven by the Christian belief that all people – regardless of race, beliefs or background – can work together to create a better future. AICM’s projects are delivered in the area of southwest Uganda around Kabale.

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Pilot Light Fund

Pilot Light Foundation grew out of a belief that individuals supporting themselves can create sustainable and thriving communities. Pilot Light supports income-generating projects in Africa, with a focus on working with local people to develop knowledge and skills in farming, business, and savings and loans.

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Uganda Wildlife Authority

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is a semi-autonomous government agency that conserves and manages Uganda’s wildlife for the people of Uganda and the whole world. This agency was established in 1996 after the merger of the Uganda National Parks and the Game Department, and the enactment of the Uganda Wildlife Statute, which became an Act in 2000.

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