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Upcoming- Batwa Museum

dsc00630About Rwamahano Batwa Centre

The centre was established in 1994 and is located about 50 Km away from Kabale town, it is found in Ikamiro Parish- Muko sub county- Kabale District. The centre is located on a hill and on borders of Echuya forest. The centre is viable for tourism because of the cave, Batwa trail experience given that it is close to Echuya forest and Kabale-Kisoro road. The centre is blessed with old people who lived and stayed in the forest and are good at story telling about their life in the forest.


It is strategically located on a raised land with strong blowing wind at the top.

The wind blows from the forest side to Lake Bunyonyi, which gives it a conducive environment for relaxation. The centre has an organized and well-trained drama club with both traditional and modern entertaining music dance and drama. The centre is accessible with a well-constructed feeder road that connects from Kabale-Kisoro road through the borders of Echuya forest to the centre. It has a developed trading centre called Mukajagi where drinks, eats and discussion with the local people is done.  The centre has a built primary school and a community hall that often serve as a meeting place.

The Batwa households the area are linear, scattered, and accessible on a short distance walk. The people in the centre are hospitable to the visitors.

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